Fitness Court

Fitness Court

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“Have you heard about the new Fitness Court®??? Yup, that’s right – The world’s best outdoor gym is IN Oregon, Ohio! FREE FITNESS! The Oregon Rec provides FREE fitness court classes throughout our warm weather months or you can download the fitness court APP and do a workout ANYTIME! For over 40 years, The National Fitness Campaign has been dedicated to helping communities fund, build and activate the world’s best outdoor gym! Learn more about our mission here:

Benefits of the Outdoor Fitness Court

Sunlight | A study done by the Department of Homeland Security suggests that sun’s rays have a strong effect on the virus. It notes that sunlight, higher temperatures and humidity are factors that help kill coronavirus.

Fresh Air | Various doctors are noting the high risk that will come from returning to enclosed gym spaces for working out. Being outdoors allow fresh air instead of ventilated air into your lungs, reducing the possible spread of the virus.

Social Distancing | Keeping 6 feet a part remains a vital precaution during this transitional time. Strategically designed, the Fitness Court’s build supports the opportunity for 6 feet of separation between each of the 7 movement stations, allowing for a safe, socially-distanced workout.

Fitness Court